Garment and Apparel ERP

B2Grow Open Source ERP for Garment / Apparel Manufacturers

  • Stitching quality clothing isn't easy. But we can help you can maintain your garment manufacturing line with ease.B2Grow ERP help to increase productivity, manage your supply chain smoothly, and get your apparel to distributors and consumers faster. ERPNext is woven with integrated inventory support to manage your apparel manufacturing, suppliers and customers, accounting, manufacturing, HR, retails all in one garment manufacturing software . B2Grow open source is best erp in garment industrys

Specific Features

  • Point Of Sale - Garment retail run from counter. We developed Point of sales (POS). Our POS solutions run on various POS point. It makes Garment sales system perfect.B2Grow apparel business software provide a range of features and tools to simplify all your retail business needs in one place.B2Grow open source pos software support multiple counter at muli location.
  • Production Planning - Apparel manufacturers and Garment manufacturers Production plan based on material demand or sales order. ERP provide tool for quality inspections, and track progress
  • Multi-Level Bill Of Materials - Garment production and Apparel production run through various step. B2Grow ERP support multi-level BOM. Track even complex garment manufacturing processes easily.
  • Item Variants - Garment industry has thousands of product permutations in different colors, finishes, shapes and lengths. ERPNext item templates and item variant make it possible
  • Manage Lot / Batch Item - Raw material or Garment item purchase in LOT or Batch. B2Grow ERP provide facilities to manage batch wise inventory. ERPNext makes tracking all your stock’s complexities easy.
  • Batched Inventory - Retails ERP software provide facilities to manage inventory batch wise.. Batch master will come in handy to track manufacturing dates, expiration dates, and more details.
  • Multi-Store / Outlet / Branch Retail Management - Retail ERP allow to manage multiple outlet, branch, company with a few click. You can configure dimensions for each branch and analyze your expenses, stock movements, profits and loss to assess your overall profitability.
  • Get Your Right Costing - B2Grow Garment manufacturing software developed labour contract management add-on. This help to manage actual production cost. .
  • Job Card Automations - Define your operations once. Then, every time a new work order is created, job cards are automatically created based on the workstation.
  • Auto-Reorder Items - Never get stuck in production. Reorder items as they reach a minimum quantity automatically.
  • Keep Your Suppliers and Customer Informed - B2Grow ERP give your suppliers and customer access to the Supplier Portal and Customer Portal. Centralize all information, track interactions, and reduce any back-and-forth with them
  • Manage Stock from Barcode Scanner - There's no need for manual entries. Save time while dispatching garment shipments and receiving raw material with barcode scanners. You can even do this right from your smartphone..
  • User define Workflows, Approvals & Forms - Set approval limits, approvers, and more,. Change everything as your company grows by simply modifying the workflow.
  • E-Commerce - Built-in e-Commerce plug-in with ERP for garment industries and finish the boundary of localization. Get business from anywhere in earth and manage from ERP